Iwig Family Dairy


Where are you located?  (Click on the links to get a map.)

The Farm Store
3320 SE Tecumseh Rd. Tecumseh Ks. 785-379-9514

Iwig Family Dairy West Topeka Store
724 SW Gage Blvd, Topeka, KS. 785-228-1697

Iwig Dairy Local Foods Market
622 N 2nd Street, Lawrence, KS. 785-856-4944.

What are your hours? 

  • Iwig Family Farm Store

    • Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 5:30pm
    • Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm
    • Closed on Sunday.

  • Iwig Dairy Local Foods Market (North 2nd) in Lawrence

    • Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
    • Closed Sunday and Monday

  • Iwig Family Dairy West Store (Gage Blvd) in Topeka

    • Monday through Friday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
    • Saturday 9 am to 6 pm
    • Closed on Sunday.

Where can we buy Iwig Dairy Products?

Our Iwig Family Farm Store, the Iwig Family Dairy West Store on Gage Blvd in Topeka, and our Iwig Dairy Local Foods Market in North Lawrence. Our future plans include being at the Lawrence Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Thursday Farmers Market at Cottin’s Hardware in Lawrence. Our locations are listed on our “Where to Buy” page

How do you get to the Iwig Farm Dairy Store?   

From Lawrence – Highway 40 to 45th St going west. Pass Shawnee Heights Rd. Turn north at Tecumseh Rd.

From West Topeka –  I-70 to last free exit. Follow roundabout to Croco Rd. Turn south to 29th St. Turn east; 1 ½ miles to Tecumseh Rd. Turn south – ½ mile to the farm.  Alternate – Take 470  to Topeka Blvd exit. Turn south to 45th St. Turn east – past Lake Shawnee to Tecumseh Rd. Turn north to farm. 

From North Topeka, Meridian, etc… - Take Highway 4 south across the river. Exit at Highway 40. Turn east to Tecumseh Rd. Turn south. You will cross over the Turnpike. Stop sign at 29th St. Continue on ½ mile to the farm.

Do you offer tours? 

We offer tours from March through September. Call or email the farm to find out the days and times and schedule a tour. Individuals and families are also welcome at any time to walk around the farm, visit the calves, watch bottling (if you are here at the right time). The charge is $5 per person. We also participate in the Kaw Valley Farm Tour (http://www.kawvalleyfarmtour.org) each year in October.

When do you milk? Can we watch?

We milk twice a day. Tim starts the a.m. shift at about 3:30 am and milks again about 12 hours later. Unfortunately, we can’t take people back into the milking parlor for safety reasons.

When do you bottle?

Bottling is really probably the shortest phase of the processing. While we may bottle 2 or 3 times a day, the time is entirely dependent upon how long it takes for the milk to process (to reach the right temperature) so we can put it in the bottles. If you are interested in watching the bottling, we advise you to phone ahead to get an estimate of when the next batch will be ready.

Do you have flavored milk?

Iwig Dairy offers a variety of flavors, but not all are available at all times. Flavors are dependent upon the number of bottles we have in stock. When we are short on bottles we are unable to make additional flavors. If we are able to make additional flavors, it will generally happen before the weekend, just before the Farmer’s Market. Call or check our FaceBook Page to see what additional flavors we currently have.

We offer, when available – Chocolate (always available), Strawberry, Banana, Orange Cream, Cookies and Cream, Root Beer, Cappuccino and Egg Nog. All flavored milk is made with whole milk.

Does your milk have Vitamin D? 

ALL milk has Vitamin D naturally. The vitamins are in the cream, so the FDA mandates that when we make skim or 2% mile, we add vitamins A, D and E to the milk.

Do you sell yoghurt, sour cream or cottage cheese? 

We do not. At present, we do not have the equipment to allow us to make these products. However, we are researching what equipment we require to make yoghurt, sour cream and cottage cheese; we hope to be able to fund this project in the future.

Where do the other resale products come from?

Holmes Made products come from Wichita. The Hometown Granola shop in Oskaloosa provides us granola and jams. In Topeka we have bread from May King Bakery and in Lawrence we have bread from Wheatfields. Call our stores for information on other products we might have in stock.

Is Iwig Dairy certified organic?

Tim treats his cattle humanely by providing antibiotics and delousing for animals on an as needed basis to treat medical conditions and to best maintain their health. Any milk from a cow treated with antibiotics is dumped so not to contaminate the milk sold at our dairy.  (Certified organic dairies do not use antibiotics or delousing products.)

Are your cows pasture fed?

Our cows have access to pasture every day during pasture season.

What do I do with the bottles? Where can I return them?

You may return half gallon bottles at any store where Iwig milk is available, including the Farm, Gage Blvd and Lawrence stores. Pints, quarts, and gallons are accepted only at our Iwig Dairy stores.

How long does your butter last?

Butter lasts indefinitely in the freezer or refrigerator. Our butter has no preservatives, so if you leave it at room temperature, we recommend that you put what you can use in a week or less in another container and  put the rest in the refrigerator.

Tell me about your buttermilk.

Our buttermilk is sweet cream buttermilk. It is not the cultured buttermilk like you buy in other stores. Sweet cream buttermilk is the milk that is left after making butter. It tends to have chunks of butter floating on top. Be careful if you are planning on cooking with sweet cream buttermilk as most recipes today calling for buttermilk assume you are using cultured buttermilk, which interacts with the leavening to make things rise.

Do you sell whipping cream (or half and half)?

We sell real cream. You can use this as whipping cream.

For other questions, contact us at any one of our Iwig Dairy Stores.


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