Iwig Family Dairy


“Why should you buy Iwig Milk?”
What makes it any different from milk that comes in plastic containers? The answer to this question is simple - better taste! Our customers constantly tell us how much they love our milk and won't buy anything else. Many tell us about how their children are drinking more milk and less soft drinks since they started buying our milk. This is what we like to hear because more milk for growing children means healthier, stronger kids!

"What makes our milk taste better?"

First of all, happy healthy cows yield higher quality milk. To keep our cows happy and healthy we make sure that they are given a balanced diet and are kept comfortable every day. They live very happy lives on the Iwig Family Farm!
Secondly, our pasteurization process, low temperature vat pasteurization, yields superior taste over what you’ll find in milk products from the larger processing plants. We heat our milk to a lower temperature for a longer amount of time, and this makes an enormous difference in the quality and taste of the milk.
Finally, and likely most importantly, is the fact that we use glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Many people don't realize that milk in plastic bottles takes on the taste of the plastic. Plastic contains chemicals that will seep into the milk and affect the flavor. Glass, on the other hand, preserves the natural taste of the milk. Glass also keeps the milk colder than plastic containers, which makes the milk so much more refreshing.

“Why is our milk healthier?”
All of our milk is free of rbST and rbGH injectable hormones. It is also free of any antibiotics, and all the milk that we use comes straight from our own dairy cattle.

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